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AL-KO 2000KG Braked Coupling

AL-KO 2000KG Braked Coupling

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2000kg Override Couping - 50mm - Plated - Body Only

Part Number: 614054PL

An AL-KO mechanical Overide Coupling is the ideal solution for trailers with a laden mass up to 2000kg. At the time of writing, braking systems that use an override principal meet legal requirements, as long as they provide adequate braking for the trailer and tow vehicle combination.

This coupling suits a standard 50mm tow ball and is plated for maximum corrosion resistance.


2000kg Override Couping - 50mm - Plated - Body Only


The principal of this type of coupling is a sliding shaft attached to the tow ball housing of the coupling. As the tow vehicle slows down the force of deceleration is passed through the coupling shaft and pushed either on a mechanical linkage (for mechanical brakes) or on a linkage connected to a hydraulic cylinder providing hydraulic pressure to a braking system (hydraulic brakes).

This type of coupling is most efficient if the ball load is not excessive and when load levelling devices are not used, as these devices impede the smooth operation of the coupling, ultimately impeding the braking performance.

When reversing, the attached collar would be fitted to prevent inadvertant brake application. The collar should be removed from the shaft during normal towing use.

For Hydraulic brake applications, this coupling would be fitted with the AL-KO Hydraulic brake conversion kit (AL-KO Part Number 610941).

For mechnical brake applications, this coupling would be fitted with the AL-KO Mechanical Override Brake Plate (AL-KO Part Number 614051).

This coupling is suitable for 50mm tow balls only.
Rated to 2000kg.

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