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AL-KO 1400KG RATED PARABOLIC Leaf Spring Dacromet

AL-KO 1400KG RATED PARABOLIC Leaf Spring Dacromet

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P/N: 584527D


Description 7 leaf Eye slipper spring               

Spring Bush Dimensions 1/2” X 7/8” X 45mm

A  755mm          

B  150mm          

C  350mm        

D  690mm           

E  860mm        

Capacity for two springs  1400 kg


45mm Parabolic
Using automotive design technology, the parabolic spring is a slipper typewhich has only one leaf. This single leaf tapers at the ends and is thicker inthe middle of the spring. The performance of these springs is similar to thatof multi leaf slipper springs, but without multiple leaves lends itself toDacromet™ coating for the marine trailer industry due to it’s ability to resistthe rusting that naturally occurs in a salt water environment.

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